Let’s help the kids, and when we help the kids we help the environment too. That’s the simple mission of Scene on the Strait and CREEC. And who are these kids anyway?

They are youngsters, aged 12 to 18. They live in public housing, often in single-parent homes, and their job opportunities are extremely limited.  At CREEC they do paid work and learn vital pre-vocational skills and habits. In its 20 years of existence CREEC has employed more than 2,000 of these youngsters. For many of them it is the first job they’ve ever had. Many have gone on from CREEC to be hired at other jobs as they’ve become older.

These youngsters work at CREEC’s greenhouse in Martinez. They weed, dig, rake and grow plants that they then plant in areas along the Carquinez Strait. Large populations of monarch butterflies once called the Strait home, and one of CREEC’s major goals—the other is to help these kids learn job skills and work—is to encourage the growth of butterflies in the region. To date CREEC has restored six acres of natural butterfly habitat, through the efforts of these hard-working youngsters.