Jack Garasky, creator of “My Tuscan Dream No. 2,” shown above, made his debut at Scene on the Strait in 2011 and he will be back in 2014. Here are some thoughts about art from Jack, who will not only be showing his work at the event, he will be there in person to talk about it as well.

“Despite having loved art throughout my life,” he says, “I’ve managed to evade a traditional formal arts education.  Now, later in my life, I’ve found myself attracted to painting and drawing more strongly than at any time before.  So, in that sense, I suppose you’d call me a late bloomer. I’m primarily an oil painter of landscapes, cityscapes, and representational pieces,” he adds.

If you’d like to see more of Jack’s work, go to his splendid website, or better still, come to Scene on the Strait and see his splendid paintings and meet him in person. In the meantime, here are two more Garasky works (admittedly, presented too small here) upon which to feast your eyes.