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Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.50.19 AMAs part of our revival, coming back in 2014 after being away last year, Scene on the Strait has a new Facebook page. Jump on over there and like us and you will stay up to date on all the news leading up to the big day on August 9.

Roster of artists announced for 2014 Scene on the Strait

The August 9 Scene on the Strait will have a stellar lineup of plein air painters, perhaps our best roster ever. Here are the artists who are scheduled to appear and show their work:

Rolando Barrero, Nikki Basch-Davis, Kathy Birdsong, Kevin Courter, Catherine Erickson, Loralee Chapleau, Connie Kirk, Attila Cziglenyi, Jack Garasky, Dana Hooper, Geri Keary, Micaela Marsden, JoAnn McMahon, Douglas Morgan, Nancy Roberts, William Rushton, Robert Sandidge, Kerry Sorenson, Sue Wilson, Bryan Mark Taylor, Leslie Toms, Jerrold Turner, Gregory Vasgerdsian, Mamie Walters and Norma Webb.

What a lineup, eh? It’s enough to crow about! (Painting: “Bad Boy,” by Mamie Walters.)Bad Boy


‘Tuscany in Benicia,’ by Nikki Basch-Davis

A few years ago Nikki Basch-Davis painted our theme image, ‘Tuscany in Benicia,” shown here. Nikki will be at this year’s Scene on the Strait selling more of her beautiful paintings to benefit CREEC and its environmental programs.Tuscany in Benicia (13th st

Robert Sandidge returns to 2014 Scene on the Strait

Robert Sandidge is returning to Scene on the Strait in 2014, joining more than 20 other accomplished California plein air artists. Every year Scene on the Strait chooses a  “theme” image for the event. and two years ago Sandidge painted our signature image, “Artist Palette,” shown here. We have yet to announce the 2014 signature image, but who knows? It might be another painting by Sandidge. Stay tuned for that announcement.Artist Palette

Scene on Strait returns in 2014

It’s official: We’re back! After a one-year hiatus, Scene on the Strait will return Saturday, Aug. 9, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Martinez Regional Shoreline in Martinez, Calif.

We’re very excited. We have some new features and wrinkles this year, and we think it’s going to be our best show ever. Look to this space for more news and information as we move closer to the event.

Scenes from the 2011 Scene on the Strait

Please enjoy these scenes from the 2011 Scene on the Strait. We’re looking forward to creating similar scenes at this year’s event on August 9 in Martinez.

An art patron buys a painting from Scene on the Strait Volunteer Pat Hicks.

Painter Mamie Walters.

Another painter that year was Sandra Lo, admired by a friend and a canine connoisseur of art. Continue reading

Now Making the Scene: Jack Garasky

Jack Garasky, creator of “My Tuscan Dream No. 2,” shown above, made his debut at Scene on the Strait in 2011 and he will be back in 2014. Here are some thoughts about art from Jack, who will not only be showing his work at the event, he will be there in person to talk about it as well.

“Despite having loved art throughout my life,” he says, “I’ve managed to evade a traditional formal arts education.  Now, later in my life, I’ve found myself attracted to painting and drawing more strongly than at any time before.  So, in that sense, I suppose you’d call me a late bloomer. I’m primarily an oil painter of landscapes, cityscapes, and representational pieces,” he adds.

If you’d like to see more of Jack’s work, go to his splendid website, or better still, come to Scene on the Strait and see his splendid paintings and meet him in person. In the meantime, here are two more Garasky works (admittedly, presented too small here) upon which to feast your eyes.


More scenes from Scene on the Strait: 2010

The 2010 Scene on the Strait was one of our most successful festivals ever. A grand time was had by all. Twenty of California’s best plein air painters (including Sandra Lo, above) painted and chatted with hundreds of art lovers, who sipped wine and strolled around to the live sounds of a jazz trio in a beautiful waterfront park setting on a pleasantly mild and sunny afternoon.

What’s more, all this sybaritic pleasure was for a great good cause: raising money for the Carquinez Regional Environmental Center (CREEC), which restores habitat for butterflies along the Carquinez Strait. And perfectly in keeping with the day, one could see an occasional tiger swallowtail butterfly flitting about, apparently enjoying the art as well. If you’d like to experience these pleasures yourself, be sure to come to this year’s event: August 9, 2014. Same spot, same time (10 a.m.-5 p.m.), same art-filled pleasures !

The 2010 Scene was dedicated to the memory of Pam Glover, an artist and teacher and long-time friend and supporter of the event. A special easel was set up with her paintings and tributes to her from her fellow artists. Here, in front of the easel, her daughter Anne-Marie Glover (above left, in blue), also a painter, shared happy memories of her mother with a friend who stopped by. Below are two shots of Scene painters chatting with people who appreciate their art. One is Mamie Walters (in the hat) and Teresa Onoda (in the chair).

Continue reading

Jerrold Turner at Scene on the Strait

Jerrold Turner is one of the Bay Area’s most admired plein air painters. Describing himself as “a modernist plein air painter,” he will be showing his works and painting on site at the 2014 Scene on the Strait art festival on Saturday, Aug. 9 at the Martinez Waterfront in Martinez. Beginning with “Orange Sheds, Mare Island,” the event’s showcase image from several years ago, here are a few of his paintings:

“Orange Sheds, Mare Island”

“Sunday Papers”

“Palm Tree”

The artist, Jerry Turner, at leisure

She can’t attend, but her paintings will be there

Longtime supporter and participant Mamie Walters can’t personally attend the 2014 Scene on the Strait, but we will be showing some of her work regardless, focusing on her miniature pieces. “I have always been fascinated by plein air painting,” she says, and it shows! Check out these wonderful paintings by Mamie:

“Mt. Tam”

“Chocolate cake”

And Mamie herself!

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