Artist PaletteOne big reason for the success of Scene on the Strait over the past 20 years has been our artists, who donate a portion of the sale of each of their works at the event to CREEC. The proceeds from the sale of their paintings are used to help CREEC hire underserved children to do jobs and learn all-important pre-vocational skills that in turn help the local Carquinez Strait environment.

Many of the artists show their commitment to CREEC by showing up personally at Scene on the Strait, setting up displays of their art and talking to the many art lovers who attend and buy the paintings. The artists also donate paintings to  the event’s special auctions, and the proceeds from the sale of these auction paintings go 100 percent directly to CREEC.

Over the years dozens of artists have participated in Scene on the Strait, and their work has helped CREEC do its important work with children and in restoring natural butterfly habitat. We would like to recognize their contributions by listing their names here:

Rolando Barrero

Nikki Basch-Davis

Loralee Chapleau

Kevin Courter

Suzanne D’Arcy

Erin Dertner

Don Eagling

Catherine Erickson

Mary Fassbinder

John Finger

Jack Garasky

Anne Marie Glover

Pam Glover

Timothy Horn

Geri Keary

Ramona Kennon

Micaela Marsden

Chris Newhard

Teresa Onoda

Nancy Roberts

Wendy Rogers

William Rushton

Robert Sandidge

Tom Taneyhill

Bryan Mark Taylor

Jerrold Turner

Gregory Vasgerdsian

Norma Webb

Leslie Wilson