Dave Hicks, the director of Scene on the Strait, and the Board of Directors have announced that this year’s art festival was its last. Here is Dave’s statement on why the event will be no more:

“Following its disappointing 20th anniversary show and sale, the CREEC Board elected to allow the Scene On The Strait to permanently retire. Not an easy decision, but a necessary one. For the first time in 20 years the show lost significant money, a death knell to a small nonprofit. Whether it was the simple lack of sales, the absence of major patrons, the unnecessary restrictions placed by the Park District, the drop in the median pricepoint of paintings, the higher cost of mounting the show or a couple of unfortunate technical glitches, who knows—all or any combination of factors But maybe, just maybe it was the onset of plain old event fatigue.

However, let’s not start hanging crepe. The Scene On The Strait was. by all measures, a successful if risky undertaking. In its 20 years of existence it raised over a half million dollars of which 97 percent went directly to employment of over 225 underserved youth who restored over 7 acres of wildlife habitat on public lands. No small feat that. Those numbers, not this year’s failure, will remain the SOS legacy.

So, here’s a major shoutout to the artists, volunteers, CREEC directors and art patrons who for all or part of 20 years contributed mightily to a worthy cause and one helleva good art show. Farewell…”